The Election Situation Room in Eastern Africa is an initiative that aims to contribute to the credibility and integrity of elections in Eastern Africa by strengthening citizens and stakeholder participation in domestic monitoring and observation of elections. The ESR approach to election monitoring is a result of support provided by Open Society Foundations (OSF) for the implementation of the ESR in a number of African elections.
The project’s primary goal is to facilitate access to the ESR toolkit and strengthen the capacity of organizations to implement the ESR. INFONET will be host to the toolkit that comprises a curriculum, resource materials, and an information technology platform.
INFONET promotes the use of the toolkit by convening forums for electoral stakeholders in which orientation is provided regarding the ESR.
The project’s specific objectives include:
Election preparedness, voter registration and voter education:
1.Support the establishment of a community of practice of election monitors that are using the ESR model of monitoring elections;
2.Conduct orientation meetings for electoral stakeholders in East Africa to share information and knowledge about the ESR;
3.Provide technical assistance when requested by organizations that are planning or implementing the ESR;
4.Document and compile lessons learned and other experiences that will improve the effectiveness of the ESR