El Nino Situation Room

This was a Crisis center setup at the onset of the El Nino Season which is part of the larger EL Nino Southern Oscillation Cycle (ENSO). In the past the phenomenon has led to massive loss of lives and damage to infrastructure, most notably the 1997 rains. This time round through a collaborative effort spearheaded the Office of the Deputy President (Legal and Intergovernmental Liaison Office) and InfoNET, a center was put up to monitor and document weather patterns, casualties and appropriate responses. The activities of the Center were also supported by external partners who include Columbia University, Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), Kenya Red Cross, National Disaster Operations Center (NDOC) amongst others.

Weather feeds were monitored in real-time and projections provided which then were made available to the National Disaster Operations Center (NDOC) and appropriate partners.  The team methodically scoured a myriad of web-based sources and county disaster operatives on reports on El Nino related incidences. The data sourced was used to maintain an updated registry which contained figures of casualties, displacements, infrastructure damage (roads, schools) amongst others.

The various activities conducted by the Situation Room went a long way in providing reliable statistics that was used in mapping out new hotspots and directing response initiatives by the Government and NGO’S.